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** The Basics Matter Most **


Sunday, May 6, 2012 While at work yesterday we stop for a quick bite to eat and when I stepped out of the tower I just happened to look up and see something quite interesting. I've been at this building dozens of times but never thought much about it but for some reason I happened to glance at a different area of the buildings exterior today and I'm glad I did. I looked up to see a "door to nowhere". I know these doors are not that uncommon but I wanted to at least post this to remind folks that practicing our most basic firefighter skills may very well save our rears. Imagine you were searching this building in reduced visibility and you came upon an inward swinging door and simply proceeded to go through that door without doing one of the basics, sounding the floor in front of you. As you can see from these pictures, it would be a mistake that we wouldn't get away with this time. Once again this reminded me to what one of my early fire service mentors, Richard Cray, beat into my head and that is to always learn something new at each call you go to. Even if you go the the same fire alarm at the same building twenty five times in one day you should learn twenty five new things. Be safe and remember...The Basics Matter.

By Staff Correspondent Jason Greer



 From Kyle Steese in South Williamsport